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A Nebraska Made Soy/Soybean Wax Candle Long Clean Burn times.

Heritage Falls Candles made in Fall City Nebraska

Hertiage Falls Soy Wax Candles -Many Scents to choose from.

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AGED MERLOT - Capture the wine flavor, aged to perfection with a soft floral background.

APRICOT FREESIA - Top Seller! An excellent fruity floral blend - pure perfection.

BABY FRESH - Top seller colored in baby BLUE or precious PINK.  Soft violet powder with very light notes of peony and alyssum flowers.  Takes you back!

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN - Tart, buttery blueberry muffins with that straight from the oven smell.

BUTTER CRUNCH - Sugary maple butter with bits of ginger, nutmeg, cocoa and a touch of vanilla.

*CAPPUCCINO CAFE - Step into the coffee shop & smell a bit of creamy coffee heaven!

CARAMEL APPLE - Sweet, crunchy red apple dipped in gooey caramel taffy.  YUM! 

CINNAMON COFFEE - #1 SELLER!  Fresh brewed java with baked cinnamon & a hint of hazelnut.

CINNAMON STICK - Warm & cozy, a strong cinnamon with woody notes.

CREAMY COCONUT - Rich and creamy coconut pie.  This one makes your tongue hang out!

COUNTRY LINEN - Top Seller! Clean cotton sheets hanging on the clothesline. A friend burns these so is wife comes home and thinks he has done the laundry!

COCO LIME COOLER - An awesome coconut lime blend.  Think of summer at the beach!

CUCUMBER MELON - Think Bath & Body, a perfect melon blend, fruity & fun!

CITRUS SPLASH - Juicy notes held together with pineapple and grapefruit.  A fruity blast!

COOL WATER TYPE - Dupe of the Davidoff fragrance by the same name.  Crisp, clean and masculine!

CRANBERRY SPICE - Crisp, tart cranberries with a spicy flair.  A HOT SELLER! 

FRESH LILAC - You'll think that you're standing next to Grandma's lilac bush.

GRAN'S APPLE PIE - Just the right amount of warm apples, spices, & home baked crust.

GINGERBREAD - Rich, buttery spiced bread with just the right amount of sweetness.

HOT COCOA - You’ll swear a pot is simmering!  True to it’s name, rich creamy drinkable chocolate. 

JUNIPER SPICE - Smells JUST LIKE your Christmas tree mingled with orange zest and spices.  Happy holidays! 

LAVENDER VANILLA - A must have for the lavender lover!  Give it a try!

LEMON VERBENA BERRY - A great twist of citrus and berries.  Bound to be a Spring/Summer fave.

*MEDITERRANEAN FIG - Green mix of palm, cyclamen, sweet fig, moss, clove & sandalwood.  An exotic, mysterious, fruit blend.

PUMPKIN PIE - Warm, baked spices in a baked crust topped off with a bit of whipped cream.

SEASON'S SPLENDOR - Compare to Claire Burke fragrance Apple Jack & Peel.  Orange, spice & apple peel.  HUGE fall/winter seller!

STRAWBERRY JAM - Incredible, juicy, fresh strawberries!

SPRING RAIN - Fresh air after a rain with floral undertones.  A BEST SELLER!

*SPUN SUGAR - Fun, fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel & raspberry jam.  A true "carnivale!"

VANILLA COUNTRY - A treat from the old country with just a touch of butter.

VANILLA CRANBERRY - Our own blend of creamy vanilla smothered over spiced cranberries. 

WILDBERRY SCONE - Fresh-baked English scones, hints of strawberry, coconut, raspberry, and blackberries.  Potent and pleasing to your senses.


 4 oz. Jar (30 hrs) *
8 oz. Jar (60 hrs) *

16oz   Pint sized (120 Hours)*

I stock only 16 oz size so if you would rather have 4oz or 8 oz you would have to order 12 candles

  • 4 ounce (30 hr)-$5.99

  • 8 ounce (60 hr)-$9.99




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 I am closing out the Maybridge 8 ounce (60 hr)-$8.99

Item Name: 8oz Maybridge Soywax Candle
Item Number:
Price: $8.99

( You can enter the scents and quantity that you want at check out) Limited amount of Maybridge available as I am closing these out when they are gone they are gone.




    • Blue Berry Muffin- Very tart, buttery muffins straight from the oven: Blue
    • Butter Crunch- Creamy Coconut, Maple/butter with spices, cocoa&topped with vanilla: Yellow
    • Cantaloupe- Ripe and juicy, true to it's name: Light Orange/peach
    • Cinnamon Coffee- Coffee-Brewed Java with baked cinnamon & hint of hazelnut: Tan/Light Brown  

    • Cucumber MelonPerfect bath and Body Melon Blend, Fruity and fun: Light Green           

    • Gingerbread- Rich Butter- spice bread w/just the right amount of sweetness: Ginger Brown    

    • Gran's Apple Pie- Traditional Favorite, warm apples and spices in a baked crust: Tan   

    • Hot Chocolate-Yummy frothy cup of hot cocoa: Medium Chocolate: Brown

    • Irish Crème Cake- Rich Creamy & decadent, Baked Dessert w/minty undertones: Light Green

    • Mint Julep-Citrus, sweet peppermint with touch of eucalyptus & cinnamon: White

    • Pumpkin Pie-Warm pumpkin spices in a baked crust topped off with whipped cream: Orange

    • Red Apple- Red Ripe Juicy, crunchy red apple picked from the tree: Red

    • Strawberry Jam-Most incredible juicy fresh strawberry you've ever smelled: Burgundy Red 

    • Vanilla Cream-Treat from old county, great vanilla w/just a touch of butter: White

    • Wild berry Scone- Baked Scone, Strawberry, Coconut, Raspberry & Blackberries: Burgundy

    • Country Linen-Clean Cotton sheets hanging on the clothes line, fresh laundered aroma: White

    • Fresh Lilac- You'll think you're standing next to a lilac brush: Purple

    • Juniper Spice- Balsam & Blend of apples, cinnamon topped with Orange Zest: Green

    • Lavender Fields-Highly Fragrant with a true scent of Lavender

    • Rugby- New scent for men! Clean, refreshing- A Maybridge exclusive

    • Tropical Breeze/Lime Smoothie-Think Lime and coconut; cool breezes and summer. Very Popular!



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Why Soy Wax?

Quite simply, manufacturing candles from soy wax benefits American farmers, helps the environment, and results in a much safer, toxin-free product. And recent advances in production now make soybean wax a viable alternative to paraffin.P2250001.JPG (25279 bytes)

"…burns 50%

longer than


The candle industry, which generates annual sales of $2.3 billion in the US and has grown yearly since 1990, presently is driven by sales of paraffin candles. Paraffin, however, is a byproduct of petroleum processing and contains carcinogens and toxins. Soybean wax, unlike paraffin, is a natural product and far healthier.

Soybean wax actually is hard fat, a natural food product derived from soybeans and having the consistency and many other characteristics of wax. Hard fat is produced by hydrogenating edible soybean oil to a high degree, while maintaining a low iodine value. The result is a stable, high melting point product having the appearance and characteristics of wax.

"…burns 95-100% soot free"

Unlike paraffin, soybean wax is a natural food product void of carcinogens and toxins. Soybean wax burns 95-100% soot free, and when burned correctly, burns as much as 50% longer than paraffin. Soybean wax also burns at a lower temperature than paraffin, and does not burn when it comes in contact with skin. Soybean wax candles, therefore, are safer for households with small children.

The choice buyers choice, when informed of the benefits of soy wax and offered a product priced competitively with paraffin, will choose a soy candle over a paraffin candle.

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