Nice Antique/Vintage Farm/library or Harvest Table  ITEM FE# 106

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decorative piece on cross boards and corners

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underneath table

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underneath table
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small space between boards

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A  nice pine farm/library or harvest style table. I was told this was from the 1920-1930's. It a very sturdy table. I has nicks here and there which gives it a rustic character. One area on top of table has a paint spot. Also some paint on the legs. The lady I brought it from said there were 7 layers of pain that she took off. She stained it but did not put any polyurethane on it. The table has very thick boards on top about 7/8" thick. The table is 56" long, 33" wide and is 29.5" tall.

  This Table is just under greyhound bus package size restrictions for shipping. The cost for shipping and handling with Greyhound is around $160-200. If you would like to arrange your own shipping/packing or Local pickup you are most welcome to do so.


Priced at $179.99 (Does not include Shipping)


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