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These Sculptures are made by an artist in Kansas with nuts, bolts and Nail very unusual an a Great addition to anyone's collection. These sculptures are all copywrited by Buford/Suppes.

Prices do not include your shipping and handling.



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Tractor- $42.99

  • 6.5" Tall 

  • 3.5" long

Choose Color


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One Row Planter

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One Row Planter $44.99

  • 6" tall
  • 10.5" Long


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Manure Spreader $62.99

  • 5" tall

  • 13" long

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Mini Tractor $34.99

  • 3.5" tall 

  • 3.5" long

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Comes in Plain Color

Large 20" windmill $ 63.99

Item Name: 20" Windmill Sculpture
Item Number: Large windmill Sculpture
Price: $63.99


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Mini Windmill 8"  $55.99





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Additional Items can be ordered allow Approximately 4-6 weeks for Delivery

Implements and Tractors Available in Green, Yellow, Red, Plain and Orange.



Mini Tractor-$ 34.99


Mini Sickle-34.99
Hay rake-42.99

Mini Hay Rake-15.50


Mini Sickle-34.99

Plows -42.99

Manure Spreaders -62.99

Steam Engine Tractor 179.99
Windmill 21"-63.99

Mini Windmill 8"--$54.99

Oil Pump-49.99
Bi Plane--97.99
Vintage Combine-199.99
Steam Engine Locomotive Coal Car-179.99
One Row Planter-44.99
Model D Tractor-74.99
Drag Spring Tooth--42.99
Steam Fire Wagon-164.99
Vintage Road Grader--49.99
Hot Air Balloon-56.99
Hay Baler--119.99
Miniature Biplane--29.99
Vintage Caterpillar--109.99
B-52 Bomber--52.99
Military Tank--164.99
Motorcycle 177.00
Special Orders will take 4 to 6 weeks to deliver. Please email me with your order.
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