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Barn or Old wood framed prints on rippled/corrugated tin. Makes a great addition to your home.  The rippled effect just adds to the print. Hanger included  Due to the nature of the products, which are handcrafted, an item may vary in color, design and size. This Variation only adds to the individuality and uniqueness of our quality products. Products are for decorative purposes 

Items with a P are Approximately   Prints are 16x20  Frame measures 18x21 and Priced at $34.99

Items with a TFP are  Approximately 12x25 including frame and Priced at $29.99

These will be shipped directly from crafter asap!

To Order Email with item number and your zip code for a shipping quote.















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Allis Chalmers

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P26 Boy Riding Tractor

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P25 Girl Riding Tractor

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LIL Cowboy/Flag

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Cattle Drive Canyon

TFP1.JPG (214907 bytes)

Longhorn Cattle Drive

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Horses lined up in front of Barn

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Size is 

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Special Order 

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Raggedy Ann and Andy

TFP102.JPG (164795 bytes)

Harley Motorcycles Riders






New Metal Signs and Trays

Round JD Model D Sign (wooden)
17" Diameter
Item Name: John Deere Wooden Round Sign
Item Number: JD412
Price: $12.99

Tin/Metal Parking Sign
8 Tractors
Item Name: Tin/Metal Parking Sign
Item Number: JD413
Price: $12.99

Tin/Metal Parking Sign
Model "GP" Sold Here
Item Name: Tin/Metal Parking Sign Model GP
Item Number: JD414
Price: $12.99


Tin/Metal Parking Sign
Parking Only (2000 Logo)

Item Name: Tin/Metal Parking Sign Parking Only (2000 Logo)
Item Number: JD415
Price: $12.99

Round Metal Sign
John Deere Nothing Runs Like a Deere
12" Diameter
Item Name: John Deere Nothing Runs Like a Deere Round Tin Sign
Item Number: JD416
Price: $12.99


Round Metal Sign
History of Logos
12" Diameter

Item Name: John Deere Round Tin Sign History of Logos
Item Number: JD417
Price: $12.99

John Deere Country Arrow Sign
19"x 6"

Item Name: John Deere Arrow Metal Sign
Item Number: JD418
Price: $12.99

License Plate Holder
Nothing Runs like a Deere

Item Name: John Deere License Plate Holder
Item Number: JD419
Price: $12.99

Metal Auto Tag
Born 2 Farm
Item Name: John Deere Metal Auto Tag Born 2 Farm
Item Number: JD420
Price: $9.99

John Deere Covered Bridge


John Deere 4020 Tin Tray

Item JD422

Magnetic Wall Hanger for trays
Item Name: Magnetic Wall Hanger for Trays
Item Number:
Price: $4.99

Magnetic  Tray Stand


Item Name: Magnetic Tray Stand
Item Number:
Price: $6.99


Farmall 1206 Metal Oval Tray w/handles

JI CASE and Co.

Morton Salt Girl Metal Sign

Whistle Stop-Metal Tray
Magnetic Hangers Available

Childhood Dreams
Metal Tray

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