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George Masonic National Memorial Washington Souvenir Spoon  Item CS#102 Priced at $19.95
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India Spoon Marked Silver on the back Item CS#103 Priced at$14.99
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Japan Souvenir Spoon Marked Klepa Arts on the back Item CS#104 Priced at $7.99

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P2230014.JPG (60193 bytes) Bird Spoon Marked Made in Czechoslovakia on the back Item CS#105 Priced at$9.99 
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1982 Christmas Spoon Royal Wilshire Silver Made in Holland Item CS#106 Priced at $12.99
P2230019.JPG (66440 bytes)P2230020.JPG (62663 bytes) P2230021.JPG (45511 bytes) Sterling Silver Spoon Morril Log House Stromsburg Nebraska Item CS#107 Priced at $49.99
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Roger Brothers Silvery Mist Bowl of Spoon engraved The Pas Man Item CS#108 Priced at $5.49

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P2230026.JPG (38132 bytes) Mt Rainer Washington Souvenir Spoon Item CS#109 Priced at $12.99









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