Nice Vintage/Antique Singer Sewing Machine 15-91 Model ITEM SSM# 101

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An Antique or Vintage Singer Sewing Machine 1941.

This Singer Sewing Machine does not stitch correctly, the motor runs and needle moves up and down. It probably needs some maintenance and adjustments. My Mother brought this at an estate sale several years ago, I believe in the 80's. She has used it for many years until it quick stitching. Overall the machine is in good condition, there is finger nail polish painted on chrome, used to guide the material in. The cabinet has several surface scratches. There is a couple of water marks on the top. It does not look too deep. They might buff out pretty easy. The owners manual is in poor condition. The last copyright in the book is 1941. The number on the front of the machine is AG899428. The Cabinet is a walnut or mahogany. The top has a diamond figure done with the wood grain. There are several attachments, button holier & book and metal case of attachments. There are 6 bobbins for this machine.  If you need it shipped please contact me for a price. Also allow some time as Mom lives 90 miles from me.




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