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We think this Chez Glass but not certain. The Decanter is very ornate and beautiful. $110

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Item GW #101-0115


Pretty Pedestal Cake Plate with a star Pattern 10" across Has a Brandy well in the center


  P5180022.JPG (88629 bytes) Amethyst  Decanter with 6 wine glass $68.00
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ItemGW #102


Pretty Butterfly Relish or divided Dish

  P1010030.JPG (59220 bytes) ItemGW #103


Grape Candy Dish
  P1010031.JPG (55313 bytes) Fostoria Ice bucket Be sure to go to the Fostoria section  for a complete listing of all the Fostoria

Priced at $59.99

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ItemGW #103

Wine Decanter set. I was told this was from the 1920's  and is crystal and the pattern is called the star of Bethlehem. It has 9 matching shot glass 2 have chips plus 2 others of the same size but are just plain glass. Has a pretty ceramic tray with flower baskets motif. Metal trim with handles possibly aluminum. Purchased at a local estate sale.


Priced at $59.99 for the whole set



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