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PC080026.JPG (81713 bytes) Faded blue table cloth with 3 flour sacks.

 Item # FS127-0103

Price: $15.99

PC080027.JPG (95084 bytes) Faded single feed sack pink diamond pattern

Item # FS128-0103

Price: $12.99


PC080028.JPG (151155 bytes)

 Feed sack Blue Lime and Purple/reddish flowers

Item # FS129-0103

Price: 17.99

PC080029.JPG (147994 bytes)



One feed sack with blue horse print 

Item # FS130-0103

Price: $16.99

PC080030.JPG (102271 bytes)  

One feed sack with green stripes  has a couple of holes

Item # FS131-0103

Price: $14.99

PC080031.JPG (84408 bytes) One feed sack with maroon and pink  print 

Item # FS132-0103

Price: $16.99

PC080032.JPG (103297 bytes) One feed sack with blue blue and mauve flowers 

Item # FS133-0103

Price: $16.99


P1010009.JPG (214946 bytes)

P1010010.JPG (153455 bytes)

This is not a feedback but I believe vintage cotton material.  It is 2 1/2 plus yards and is 44" wide. It has Blue background with red flower and blue and white zebras.

Item # FS134-0103

Price: $42.99



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