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Karen Pandorf
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  • Purchase aprx. 18 1/2+ - lbs of shelled Corn for Wildlife/squirrels.    This is loose corn taken off the ears or combined. I fill up one of those new flat rate priority boxes and it should work great just cut a whole in the box an pour it in your feeder. This is whole kernel corn (not cracked corn). This is from our farm and is stored properly in a dry grain bin. So it will be dried for easy storage. TOTAL WITH Shipping handling in lower 48 states is $15.96. If you need other quantity listed let me know. 


Buy 18lbs Now  Includes the shipping and handling!!

Item Name: Shelled Corn 18lbs
Item Number: Shelled Corn
Price: $15.96
  • 60 lbs Available via Parcel post.


  • Purchase 3 ears of decorating ear corn for your fall decor. Will leave shucks on as pictured. This is picked fresh from our fields and will be hand sorted to give you nice ears.  Includes Shipping/handling $10.99
  • Squirrel/wildlife feed 30lbs  Husks removed. Includes Shipping/handling is $34.99

Please contact us if other quantities needed.

My Email is nebraskaantiques@alltel.net if you have any questions or concerns.  Phone between 9am-9pm  402-366-9333